What is so different about Digital Trust?

Digital Trust bridges the realms of Psychology, Marketing Science, and Technology. If you are going to build Digital Trust in today’s media-centric world and have a strong online presence, your efforts must address each of these domains.

Why Is Digital Trust Important?

Studies reveal a steady erosion of trust in healthcare and financial service industries. The growth of online media as a communication tool means we have to build more trust using digital approaches.

In face to face relationships, building trust takes time and multiple interactions. The same is true in the online world but it is more complex to achieve. We don’t have body language, facial expressions, and voice tonality isn’t always an option. Nurturing relationships using digital media requires planning and technologies to support the evolution of trust.

Perhaps obvious but we don’t think about all of the nuances of trust. Trust is many things: Competency, Reliability, Responsiveness, Accuracy, just to name a few. The sentiment of communication about us from our customers or prospects on social media or the email messages we receive also convey how our organizations are trusted.

Digital Trust is Multi Level

As in face to face trust, digital trust has many dimensions. Reliability, Competency, Capability, Responsiveness, etc.. Each having various degrees of trust with some higher than others. The more you know about your levels, the better you can respond.


Digital Trust flows along multiple channels, simultaneously, and 24/7. Discussions about your audience occur on multiple forms of media among different groups. This is unfiltered conversation which can be difficult to analyze but it can tell an important story about your level of trust.

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Marketing Science

21st century marketing science is needed to create the process of trust and engagement. This involves the use of technology, content marketing, and data analytics. You must increasingly know your audience, continually listen, engage, and intelligently respond based on their behaviors.

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