Welcome To Six Level

Six Level was founded 10+ years ago to help companies build more effective digital marketing programs.

Our team’s expertise is a diverse as our experience with technologists, designers, content writers, and psychologists who focus on media effects. Many of our resources are virtual and we work throughout the world.

Who Is Six Level

Simply – Our solutions help organizations build “digital trust” with their audience.

We believe that the success of an organization is a direct correlate to the level of trust shared with your audience. Each touch with an audience throughout the marketing lifecycle represents a positive or negative influence on the trust of your company. You are either moving your prospect to trust you more or less with each touch. The same holds true after you have established a customer relationship.

Our focus is to help you improve the trust of your systems (email, ecommerce, education, etc.) using sound principles found in psychology and combined with marketing technology.

Our Core Skills

Trust Marketing Systems 100
Financial Services Content Marketing 90
Healthcare Content Marketing 87
Membership Site Development 71
Marketing Automation System Implementation 93

Meet Some of Our Team

LarryChief Marketing Strategist
Larry focuses on digital behavior research and marketing lifecycle systems development. He has a PhD in psychology emphasizing online media.
LenTechnical Guru
Len is a true technical genius working at all levels of trust systems implementation from design to automation of behavioral data capture and analysis.
DerekDeveloper & Project Mgr
Derek is an all around top tier professional who makes things work. He surgically controls the project to stay on the rails and move toward efficient implementation.
AlexDesign and Visual
Alex focuses on how to fully capture the user experience and translate it into usable information for the development of trust.
Infusionsoft Certified Partner
Certified Customer Acquisition Specialist