Behavioral Marketing

Behavioral Marketing

No matter what type or size of business you may have, today’s prospective customer thinks and acts differently.  Control over the buying process has now shifted from vendor to buyer.  Your audience now has the power of research and social tools 24/7, usually through a smartphone in a pocket or purse.

Behavioral Marketing provides advanced capabilities essential for full engagement with the new consumer mindset.

Consumers do not take the direct path to decision making. With the increasing complexity of consumer choices, business operations must adapt and seek new insights into the behavior of their audience. Consumers take multiple paths in making purchase decisions that include multiple channels of research, social media inquiry and comparison analysis.

Many professionals may think this doesn’t apply to them and will unfortunately miss out on opportunities for new opportunities. Professional service organizations often have the most to gain from using a behavioral approach to promoting their practices. Fortunately there are solutions available for the smallest of businesses to advance their behavioral marketing approach.

Behavioral MarketingA Close Up Look At Behavioral Marketing

It’s an unused asset that can be implemented by virtually any size business from a single person company to a much larger organization.

Behavioral marketing provides new and deeper insights into audience, prospect and consumer actions. Through social media platforms we now have many more data points to analyze consumer interests, wants and needs. This richness of data requires that marketing and support practices must manage multiple media channels. Within this data we can begin to understand the psychology of the consumer, their sentiment and their relationships. These factors make a massive contribution to measurable factors that can now be added to business marketing metrics.

Key Components of Behavioral Marketing

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  • Message response based on audience decisions, actions and patterns
  • Multiple campaigns gathering data, building loyalty, cross selling, activation or reactivation processes
  • Focused customer actions centered upon the current context and historical interaction
  • Using a common language and organized flow around all phases of the marketing lifecycle
  • Sustained engagement with the audience throughout multiple campaigns and inquiries
  • Leveraged technology for all activities


How We Help

We assess your marketing program within a framework of a 7 phase scale.  Through this evaluation you’ll learn where the strengths and weaknesses exist and find the gaps that could be costing critical opportunities. In our process we develop a smooth flow for your marketing system that includes a refined process and the necessary technology. Once that has been established, we begin to refine your system and add the behavioral elements to create an advanced marketing system.[su_list icon=”icon: users” icon_color=”#163f9f”]

  • Create an audience behavioral strategy
  • Develop a content marketing strategy & library
  • Design a technology plan for data analysis
  • Implement a marketing automation framework


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