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Search Optimization

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You may have seen countless advertisements pitching SEO services and portraying them as a magic bullet. The pitch was to pay a few and your site 'would be at the top of the page'. The truth is that good SEO results takes time and requires sophisticated knowledge about how search engines work. These engines change their [...]

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21 Twitter Strategies

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In some circles, there is a debate over the value of Twitter as a viable business tool. If you have an account, you'll probably agree that the first venture inside the Twittersphere is overwhelming and a combination of excitement or exasperation. The content and messages are fast paced, particularly after you begin to follow even a [...]

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The Visual Story

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The use of storytelling is becoming a powerful method for communicating more effectively about your organization and its uniqueness. As humans, we relate to stories and remember greater quantities of information we we are told a story. In this post I've illustrated two powerful examples of how a company shares what it's like to experience their [...]

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Failure in content marketing

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Content marketing is all the rage and rightfully so because it provides an opportunity to deliver something useful to the target audience. It's actually a relatively easy strategy to implement but like social media, it requires a committed resource. Without someone to focus on creating content about your business, you're most likely going to be stuck [...]

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The Content Marketing Strategy

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Content is a core component of your digital persona and why you need to evaluate the entire body of work published online through social media, content and web sites. In this post we turn to the method of communication you use. In the old days most communication from businesses to the world was one way.Every business [...]

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