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Email Marketing and Humanity

2017-05-06T22:34:52+00:00Categories: Communication, Digital Marketing, Media Psychology|Tags: |

Email marketing is a powerful way to build and sustain a business and is still considered the most powerful technique to reach prospects and customers. Unfortunately, most companies are not very effective in how they use it. The reasons vary but are grounded in the lack of humanity. In other words, the email processes at many [...]

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A Perfect Customer Lifecycle

2017-05-06T23:06:30+00:00Categories: Communication, Digital Marketing, Life Cycle|

  The perfect customer lifecycle is more than a catchphrase (But originated with my friends at Infusionsoft). It's the foundation strong and complete approach to efficiently addressing all of the important phases of your online business. Essentially, the success of your business is dependent on how your target market perceives and interacts with you, from the [...]

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Search Optimization

2016-03-06T17:38:14+00:00Categories: Content Strategy, Digital Marketing|Tags: |

You may have seen countless advertisements pitching SEO services and portraying them as a magic bullet. The pitch was to pay a few and your site 'would be at the top of the page'. The truth is that good SEO results takes time and requires sophisticated knowledge about how search engines work. These engines change their [...]

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A marketing strategy

2015-07-18T16:41:16+00:00Categories: Digital Marketing|Tags: |

Whether you are a solo entrepreneur, run a small company with a handful of employees or much more, today's business climate demands that you have an up to date marketing strategy that works for you 24 hours a day. Think of your marketing strategy as a key employee that takes exceptional care of every new client [...]

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21 Twitter Strategies

2015-07-18T16:28:03+00:00Categories: Content Strategy, Digital Marketing|Tags: |

In some circles, there is a debate over the value of Twitter as a viable business tool. If you have an account, you'll probably agree that the first venture inside the Twittersphere is overwhelming and a combination of excitement or exasperation. The content and messages are fast paced, particularly after you begin to follow even a [...]

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Six Philosophies

2015-07-18T16:21:03+00:00Categories: Digital Marketing, Life Cycle|Tags: |

For many years businesses have been in the broadcast mode, blasting out messages to convince you why you should buy and rarely listening to your needs and interests. Fortunately, many companies are beginning to realize that new methods of adding customers are needed. Consumers are smarter and know they have choices. Social networks provide reviews, recommendations [...]

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Life Cycle Marketing

2015-07-18T16:54:55+00:00Categories: Digital Marketing, Life Cycle, Small Business, Tech Resources|

Lifecycle marketing is essentially a process that involves one form or another of marketing throughout relationship. You could view this as an infinite loop that that continues two way conversation with your audience from the start. What makes it a life cycle is that it has a life of its own that adapts as the relationship [...]

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Narrative Marketing & Engagement

2014-12-05T15:24:43+00:00Categories: Digital Marketing, Media Psychology|Tags: , |

Content marketing is the rage today. I get nearly a hundred emails a today from companies providing reports and e-books, all for the price of my click or email subscription. Companies have realized that one of the most powerful ways to engage prospects and customers is to continually provide useful value. Delivering a flow of content is [...]

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Behavioral Marketing

2014-12-05T12:56:27+00:00Categories: Digital Marketing, Media Psychology|Tags: |

No matter what type or size of business you may have, today's prospective customer thinks and acts differently.  Control over the buying process has now shifted from vendor to buyer.  Your audience now has the power of research and social tools 24/7, usually through a smartphone in a pocket or purse. Behavioral Marketing provides advanced capabilities [...]

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Social Media and Consumer Trust

2014-12-05T14:29:20+00:00Categories: Digital Marketing, Small Business, Social Media Research|

There is a constant debate in many business circles over the the value of social media. Everyone says you must be in the game if you're a business of ANY size but there are so many failures. I believe many of the 'failures' were simply due to poor implementations and weak resources. Small businesses frequently attempt [...]

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