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A Perfect Customer Lifecycle

2017-05-06T23:06:30+00:00Categories: Communication, Digital Marketing, Life Cycle|

  The perfect customer lifecycle is more than a catchphrase (But originated with my friends at Infusionsoft). It's the foundation strong and complete approach to efficiently addressing all of the important phases of your online business. Essentially, the success of your business is dependent on how your target market perceives and interacts with you, from the [...]

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Six Philosophies

2015-07-18T16:21:03+00:00Categories: Digital Marketing, Life Cycle|Tags: |

For many years businesses have been in the broadcast mode, blasting out messages to convince you why you should buy and rarely listening to your needs and interests. Fortunately, many companies are beginning to realize that new methods of adding customers are needed. Consumers are smarter and know they have choices. Social networks provide reviews, recommendations [...]

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Life Cycle Marketing

2015-07-18T16:54:55+00:00Categories: Digital Marketing, Life Cycle, Small Business, Tech Resources|

Lifecycle marketing is essentially a process that involves one form or another of marketing throughout relationship. You could view this as an infinite loop that that continues two way conversation with your audience from the start. What makes it a life cycle is that it has a life of its own that adapts as the relationship [...]

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10 keys to a successful website

2014-12-05T19:05:07+00:00Categories: Life Cycle, Small Business, Tech Resources|Tags: , , |

Web sites are one aspect of your communication strategy. This article shares some of the factors for successful measurement of how well you're doing and the pointers that tell you what you need to change. Key Performance Indicators and a Few Value Boosters We've come a long way since the days of assuming that 'hits' to [...]

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