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Doing the research and ignoring it

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Confirmation bias is prevalent everywhere: politics, research, everyday life discussions. We make our evaluations and ignore the facts. Here's a simple chart to illustrate.

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Email Marketing and Humanity

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Email marketing is a powerful way to build and sustain a business and is still considered the most powerful technique to reach prospects and customers. Unfortunately, most companies are not very effective in how they use it. The reasons vary but are grounded in the lack of humanity. In other words, the email processes at many [...]

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Narrative Marketing & Engagement

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Content marketing is the rage today. I get nearly a hundred emails a today from companies providing reports and e-books, all for the price of my click or email subscription. Companies have realized that one of the most powerful ways to engage prospects and customers is to continually provide useful value. Delivering a flow of content is [...]

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Behavioral Marketing

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No matter what type or size of business you may have, today's prospective customer thinks and acts differently.  Control over the buying process has now shifted from vendor to buyer.  Your audience now has the power of research and social tools 24/7, usually through a smartphone in a pocket or purse. Behavioral Marketing provides advanced capabilities [...]

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A relational social image search

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If you're familiar with the concept of photo tagging in social media, take note because things are changing. In the past, photos posted online generally needed a tag or identifier to associate the picture with the subject or person. Now, the University of Toronto has developed a new algorithm that changes everything. Created by Parham Aaarabi, it [...]

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The history of social collaboration

2014-12-05T15:59:23+00:00Categories: Media Psychology, Social Media Research|

Business and personal relationships have evolved to a new level thanks to digital technology and social media platforms. 90% of businesses are now using social technology although finding the full benefit continues to be problematic. Currently social platforms are a major facilitator to the process of knowledge development and dissemination.      

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The Business of Fear

2014-12-05T15:58:13+00:00Categories: Media Psychology|

Worried that you could be in a car accident? Insurance company X can protect you and your family. Afraid you will lose your children to drunk driving? MADD can help you educate them to avoid drinking and driving. According to a new study in the Journal of Consumer Research, when a person-to-person support system is not [...]

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The Visual Story

2014-12-05T16:50:44+00:00Categories: Content Strategy, Digital Marketing, Media Psychology|Tags: , , , |

The use of storytelling is becoming a powerful method for communicating more effectively about your organization and its uniqueness. As humans, we relate to stories and remember greater quantities of information we we are told a story. In this post I've illustrated two powerful examples of how a company shares what it's like to experience their [...]

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