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Life Cycle Marketing

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Lifecycle marketing is essentially a process that involves one form or another of marketing throughout relationship. You could view this as an infinite loop that that continues two way conversation with your audience from the start. What makes it a life cycle is that it has a life of its own that adapts as the relationship [...]

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E-Commerce Checklist

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Creating a great customer buying experience Selling your products or services online can be the first experience a customer has with your business. Many businesses fail to see the importance of the purchase experience and think of it as a simple transaction. If you're not walked through how people buy from you, try it. Better yet, [...]

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Protecting Your Content

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A neighbor of mine recently experienced one of the most painful events any of us might imagine whether in business, a student or researcher. She had been working on her Master's Degree for the past several years and amassed quite a collection of research articles, papers, proposals and her work-in-progress dissertation. One day while she was [...]

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20 Essential Digital Strategies & Statistics

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More than ever, your media and content are the core factors in how your business competes and succeeds. Learning how to use the technologies of social media in combination with your content is an essential element to move your business forward. But where should you focus? These 20 points Webdam consulting are a tremendous summary about [...]

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10 keys to a successful website

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Web sites are one aspect of your communication strategy. This article shares some of the factors for successful measurement of how well you're doing and the pointers that tell you what you need to change. Key Performance Indicators and a Few Value Boosters We've come a long way since the days of assuming that 'hits' to [...]

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