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We provide a variety of consulting services that can help your organization regardless of its stage of development. Designed to match your needs, these services can include strategy sessions, plans, and full scale marketing program implementation. We generally limit our focus to financial services and organizations dedicated to behavioral healthcare because of our direct experience in these markets.  If you are in another industry, we would be happy to discuss your needs in terms of general marketing systems development using the same principles of digital trust.

Use the form on this page to request more information about how we can help and start the process of engagement. We’ll provide documents that explain how our trust methodology can improve your marketing and digital communications.

Why Six Level?

To help organizations make substantial improvements in digital marketing ROI

Trust is the essence of the customer acquisition process. Digital Trust is the essential ingredient for creating online engagement and long term customer relationships. We believe that every micro-interaction with your audience is an opportunity to grow or reduce the level of trust between online prospects and customers.

To receive our series on Digital Trust text the word “TRUST” to 702-789-6588. You’ll receive valuable insights on how to build greater engagement and trust through you digital marketing.

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Digital Marketing Consulting

We’ll help you with any part of your digital marketing program. If you want to spend an hour or a hundred hours, we can configure a custom engagement. Our consulting services can be used on an hourly basic buy purchasing blocks of hours in increments of 5. Use them as you need or on a regular schedule.

Marketing Automation Services

Marketing automation is used in successful organizations because it takes the burden off of repetitive tasks and provides a system for managing the marketing lifecycle. We can help you fine tune your automation system or design one from the ground up.

Custom digital campaigns

Custom Digital Marketing Campaigns

If you are seeking a powerful and effective campaign to implement in your existing system, we can help. A custom campaign can help launch a new product or service or create re-engagement for an existing marketing segment. We can also infuse new technologies that consumers are using such as text response and automated online chat.

Membership Site Development

A membership site is a powerful way to segment your audience and provide private access to customers. Examples include customer support material, educational programs, and other non-public specialized content. Providing members-only material offers a way to set your customers apart and deliver helpful information sustain long term relationships. Membership technologies can be added to your existing website. Behavioral health organizations can use a membership site as a support system for alumni and families. Financial services companies use them to provide private education.

Digital Marketing Strategy & Plan

In this service we design a complete custom digital marketing strategy that includes all of the elements of a comprehensive customer lifecycle. It addresses all of the stages from lead attraction to the post customer referral stage. Our process includes working with you to understand your business needs, identify existing gaps and goals. The result is the creation of a fully implementable digital marketing plan that addresses the marketing technology, engagement psychology, and content concepts. You will be free to use this plan as you see fit or you can engage us to complete the implementation.

Online Course Technology

Businesses of all types are realizing the need to create online education components to provide material such as product training, customer onboarding, and staff training. Online delivery is highly efficient and allows 24/7 access – private or public. These presentations can be controlled to limit access based on contact type and structured to require viewing material in pre-designed sequences. Healthcare and financial services organizations use online presentations as a part of membership sites to provide specialized content limited to existing customers or alumni.

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