Digital Marketing Services

Improve your digital marketing system

How we help your marketing system

The success of your digital marketing depends to a great degree on the experience it creates for prospects. The technology you use can enhance or detract from your marketing results. The quality of your content (messages, stories, etc.) affect the engagement intensity of your audience.  And the design of how you communicate should create a more human-like experience. And finally, your system should use automation – intelligently as a human would interact.

Behavioral marketing success

Digital (Behavioral) Marketing Design

We create rich e-marketing campaigns designed to generate strong interest from your audience.

  • Our copyrighting skills will help you generate more audience responses.
  • Strong campaign design will include features to maintain interest and collect qualitative data about your audience.
  • Adaptable communication uses email, voice and text messaging, and chatbots to conntent to an audience. 
Retention marketing systems

Retention focused campaigns

Perhaps you have an existing customer base that you’ve worked hard to cultivate through extensive marketing and sales efforts. We can create a powerful retention program that helps keep customers engaged with your company and collects helpful information along with way about their experiences with your organization. This is much more than surveys. The solution is integrated within your digital marketing infrastructure and includes a detailed digital dashboard to provide results in real time about your audience.

marketing lifecycle audit

Marketing Lifecycle (Prospect Journey) Audits

Most digital marketing campaigns have gaps and weakpoints. These “leaks” can cause disruption in the customer experience and a loss of important data AND sales. We can walk through your campaigns and digital technologies and provide a gap analysis with recommendations for improvements. We’ll also optionally provide you an updated roadmap and technology plan to enhance the experience you provide your market audience.

Conversion copy design and planning

We will review your conversion copy in emails and landing pages and suggest improvements using proven psychological principles. This work is a blend of copywriting science and media psychology. The overall goal is to get more people opening your emails and taking the first clicks to positive actions that you want them to take.

CXA Customer Experience Automation

Customer Experience Automation (CXA)

So many different technologies exist in the digital marketing realm. How do you know what’s best? So many people as us “what the best “X” to use for..?” The truth is that everyone has unique needs, resources, and limitations. What’s best is only found by some basic analysis that doesn’t have to take forever or be costly. We can help. Get our ‘Power Notes” subscription to learn more. We will also have courses available on this in the summer and fall of 2021.

Content marketing

Content Marketing

We can help create content for selected industries such as health, wellness, personal finances. Your project could include development of a series of custom emails designed to elicit interest in your product or the creation of copy for a landing page. We’ll offer this service in the very near future.