Digital Marketing Services

Need a true marketing engine?

  • The success of your digital marketing depends to a great degree on the experience it creates for prospects.
  • The technology you use can enhance or detract from your marketing results as well.
  • The quality of your content (messages, stories, etc.) affect the engagement intensity of your audience. 
  • And the design of how you communicate should create a more human-like experience. And finally, your system should use automation – intelligently as a human would interact.

Are you prepared?

Customer Experience Automation (CXA)

What’s the best way to create a better customer experience?

The first step is to understand your business’s operational flow and the core facts about your typical customer. We’ll create a simple ‘map’ to show how a powerful customer (or prospect) experience can change the perception of your business – throughout the journey. 

Once visitors perceive you in a more positive, authoritative light, you will increase the chances of more sales and engagement.

Get the success factors to create a better user experience for your prospects and customers.

Marketing Lifecycle (Prospect Journey) Audits

Unfortunately, many digital marketing campaigns have gaps and weak points. These “leaks” can create a poor and ineffective  customer experience. Additionally, useful marketing data is missed because of a fragmented campaign approach.

Our first step with you is to audit your campaigns to find the weak links in content (messaging), sequencing, and tech-related issues (which may be unseen). The audit can unveil changes to transform a weak performing campaign into one that delivers the results you need.

Six Level Digital Marketing Customer Journey

Digital (Behavioral) Marketing Design

Rich and interesting e-marketing campaigns generate strong interest from your audience.

Focusing on what the reader lets you know by their direct feedback, actions, and length of time with your messages can provide valuable data for building stronger relationships with your audience.

Our e-marketing campaign design services includes a special emphasis on the factors that create more reader engagement instead of simply automating a string of emails.


Retention and Recovery Marketing

You have an existing customer base. You’ve poured money and time to grow it.  A retention focused system can help preserve valuable customers.

Retention concepts can keep your customers engaged with your business.  Customers who are kept informed about the products and services you offer are more likely to remain customers. And, the more you know about their questions and concerns, greater chance your relationship will last longer.

Increase customer retention and prospect interest

Content Development That Converts to Business!

Does the content on your site and in your emails leave people yawning? When we write for web sites, emails, or landing pages, our focus is on how it will convert to better business.

One of the Six Success Factors is engaging and strategically designed content. Any message you deliver is competing for the attention of the reader. Your content strategy also should take into account how search engines (Google, Bing, etc.) rank it as useful to viewers.  We design content with a holistic view of your business and the essential technological factors.

Content strategist and development