A marketing strategy

//A marketing strategy

A marketing strategy

Whether you are a solo entrepreneur, run a small company with a handful of employees or much more, today’s business climate demands that you have an up to date marketing strategy that works for you 24 hours a day. Think of your marketing strategy as a key employee that takes exceptional care of every new client and prospect that enters your digital world.

We live in a world where just about every consumer has massive selection power right in their pocket or purse. Using it they will judge you and decide in a few seconds whether to see you again or dismiss you. The smart phone is the decision support tool everyone uses to evaluate people and businesses. This means you must have a site and strategy to create the right relationship from the inception of that mobile contact.

Navigating the steps of engagementThe foundation of a digital marketing strategy is engagement. Through the steps of engagement you are able to walk a visitor through stages of engagement efficiently while providing useful information and value at each stage.

What’s in the digital marketing strategy?

A combination of neatly linked functions that make the customer or prospect experience exceptional. The strategy also makes your business run smoother and with no loss of efficiency. We cover the following areas:

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  • How are you driving qualified, interested visitors and track the costs and other analytics?
  • Do you have a series of landing pages to track inbound traffic based on your advertising?
  • What are your strategies to attract new opportunities into your pipeline once they visit your site?
  • What content to your provide to engage customers from their first visit?
  • How do you segment visitors who engage according to their interests?
  • Does your site have the proper technical foundation for high performance? SEO? Hosting?
  • How do you intelligently automate communications? (NO, not an email autoresponder!)
  • How does your sales process function? Is it easy to purchase online?
  • If you don’t make sales online, is the process defined so they can be contacted within a few hours?
  • Do you have a built in support mechanism to automatically answer common, repetitive questions?
  • What is your upsell process? Do customers have an opportunity to buy additional products/services?
  • How do you acquire referrals? Can your information be shared on social and other channels?



These are just a few of the elements in a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Complete this form to get started on creating your engagement strategy.


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