Six Philosophies

Six Philosophies

For many years businesses have been in the broadcast mode, blasting out messages to convince you why you should buy and rarely listening to your needs and interests. Fortunately, many companies are beginning to realize that new methods of adding customers are needed. Consumers are smarter and know they have choices. Social networks provide reviews, recommendations and conversations about every conceivable product and service. All of this information is now available, instantly in your palm. If you haven’t revised your approach to acquire (and retain) customers, here are core philosophical principles to build around.

Develop your business strategy 6 pillars

Progressive digital marketing requires attention to consumer behavior and the creation of processes for communication. It’s important to note that all communication must be two-way and account for multiple technologies including social, web, email and others.

So, no more mindless one-way email blasts that people don’t want and don’t read. The key to creating an effective two-way intelligent communication strategy rests on a sound marketing philosophy.

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  • Attract and retain interest by always providing useful value
  • Engage, capture and segment data into a structured system
  • Nurture and develop the relationship, by listening and responding
  • Create a great sales experience (including up-sells) setting expectations
  • Deliver, support and fulfill upon your expectations
  • Share, refer and build your network of satisfied, raving fans


Implementing these principles should be a priority. Create a checklist of each and identify how well you do in each area. Establish methods to measure how you are doing in each area. In fact, ask your prospects and customers how they feel about your effectiveness in each of these areas. Consider how technologies can be used to automate and support the achievement of each principle. Once you’ve addressed each area, you should see an increase in business performance.

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