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A Perfect Customer Lifecycle



The perfect customer lifecycle is more than a catchphrase (But originated with my friends at Infusionsoft). It’s the foundation strong and complete approach to efficiently addressing all of the important phases of your online business.

Essentially, the success of your business is dependent on how your target market perceives and interacts with you, from the first interaction to the close of a sale. Each prospective (and existing) relationship has its own timeline for making decisions about working with you or making purchases. Today’s online business must have systems and processes to adapt to their market’s behaviors while staying in contact and learning about the prospects over time.

Unfortunately, many businesses fail to followup beyond the first few interactions. Worse yet, they send the same emails to everyone instead of personalized content that matches the wants and needs of the prospect.

We can help solve your followup failures and create long-term nurture processes to be ready when your audience is ready. Our approach provides you with a complete balance of technology, marketing intelligence, and engagement strategy. including the technology,  marketing strategy, and content so you can have your own perfect customer life cycle!

Visualize Your Marketing Plan

We help you create a map of your marketing tactics from the way you attract new opportunities all the way to sales and referrals. You’ll ultimately have a library of campaigns to meet every need such as online or live events, lead generation, email campaigns, ebooks, special offers and virtually any activity that’s a part of your marketing plan.

Infusionsoft Campaign Map

Get a quick, easy view of the performance

We’ll help you easily see the results of every campaign. Look at any campaign map and see up to the minute performance. Click a number and drill down to see exactly who responded and where they are in the campaign cycle.¬†

Infusionsoft Market Data

Design great landing pages

Your landing pages are the entry point for new opportunities. They are easy to create and specific for each campaign. Each page is integrated with your website design where your new leads and information are updated instantly.

Infusionsoft Landing Page

Easy campaign monitoring for ROI

Understanding your financial numbers is critical to business success. Track each campaign expense, revenue and calculate the return on investment for each campaigns instantly.

Infusionsoft ROI

Prioritize your work with lead scoring

This feature will allow you to identify what leads rank higher in the likelihood of generating revenue. You create your own scoring matrix as to how contacts are valued based on the actions they take in response to campaigns. The scores are updated and can also be linked to generate specific responses based on the numerical score such as respond via email, set tasks, create sales and other actions, all based on their lead activity score.

Infusionsoft Contact Manager

Manage your team

If you have a team, or even one person responsible for sales or administrative tasks, you can create an intelligent workflow that assigns task based on activity within the system. Then, you can track the responsiveness of team members, automatically assign tasks and follow-ups based on online activity.

Infusionsoft sales team management

Create a great online purchase experience

Through the built-in e-commerce capabilities, you can sell digital downloadable products or physical products. You can construct actions to occur based on specific sales activity. Also, create ‘smart’ up-selling of your products at purchase or later in the customer life cycle.

Infusionsoft e-commerce

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