Client Recovery/Recapture

Digital marketing business plan

Project Overview The client was losing customers at an unusually high rate causing substantial financial losses. The project goals were to find out why customers were canceling services and to get this information to an account recovery team to try and resolve the issues which saving the client. Key Project Elements Design survey to understand […]

Automated Chat System

Chat bots for website lead capture

Client wanted a 24/7 system to collect specific details about website visitors that also conducted a segmentation. Built a custom chat system that allowed company to enter a live chat with website visitors Chat provided a series of questions taking the visitor through a qualification phase Data was captured and forward to an account rep […]

Customer Retention System

Know your customer

Client was losing customers at a high rate and wanted to reduce churn. Implemented an automated system to assess reasons for cancellations. Former customers provide qualitative and other data via multiple types of interview surveys.  Results were posted in real time to the client’s reporting dashboard Notification systems were setup to trigger the customer’s response […]

Automated Voice & Text System

Client needed to maximize opportunities to connect with prospects and existing clients. The resulting system setup a logical series of voice messages with varied content to encourage a response. Simultaneously, a series of related text messages were constructed to those with SMS capable numbers. The automated system was integrated within an existing marketing lead and […]

Financial Wellness Program (B2C)

Six level marketing success

A personal program for financial health using psychological principles to understand and shift behaviors for better results in areas of money, credit, savings, and debt reduction. Lead generation surveys to determine specific areas of consumer interest Multiple assessments to segment consumer based on qualitative factors Marketing automation to engage consumers by sharing how the product […]

Professional Training Course – Online (B2B)

Financial education

We were commissioned to create the technical infrastructure for a professional training system for financial professionals. The architecture requirements included: A robust online learning management system for course content  Integration with an e-commerce system to accept payment and trigger enrollments Automation emails and course content for new course participants Administration capabilities to easily add and […]