Search Optimization

Search Optimization

You may have seen countless advertisements pitching SEO services and portraying them as a magic bullet. The pitch was to pay a few and your site ‘would be at the top of the page’. The truth is that good SEO results takes time and requires sophisticated knowledge about how search engines work. These engines change their algorithms regularly and use MANY factors to determine the placement of your pages.

SEO is content driven and a process

Having a site SEO plan is an essential part of an overarching marketing plan. Contrary to popular belief, SEO is not a matter of loading keywords. If it were only that simple!

Optimizing your site for SEO is only done by consistently focusing on the creation of content about your business and market. Provide useful value. The search engines analyze your pages to assess its value and relevance to search queries that users ask for.  Other technical factors include how your site pages are formatted, the use of tags and keywords and the volume of content on a subject. One or two pages about a topic instead of a library of content is the difference that can set you apart as an authority – in the eyes of the reader and search engine.

Finding an SEO Consultant

SEO Consulting Services Google, Bing and other search engines change their algorithms for ranking results quite frequently. Keeping up with this is the job of SEO consultants. You can find them online by searching for a certified consultant as each company has their own training and certification process. I would not use anyone who hasn’t completed these courses. And just because someone has their certificate it isn’t a guarantee of success or knowledge. The courses are fairly easy to complete and frequently open-book styled exams.


Focus on creating great content for your site. Make it useful and valuable. Continue to add content to your site on a regular basis. If you use WordPress, use tools to help assess the value and structure of your content. There are many plugins that will improve your SEO process.  If you choose to hire someone, check to see examples of their work related specifically to SEO and what type of certifications they have completed. Google and Bing offer several. An SEO consultant should have these at minimum.

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