21 Twitter Strategies

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21 Twitter Strategies

In some circles, there is a debate over the value of Twitter as a viable business tool. If you have an account, you’ll probably agree that the first venture inside the Twittersphere is overwhelming and a combination of excitement or exasperation. The content and messages are fast paced, particularly after you begin to follow even a small number of active people.

The key to gaining benefit from Twitter, like any technology is having a good strategy, consistent execution, and a continual improvement process based on the data that results. Twitter offers immense capabilities, one of which is to gain quick and easy access to a large audience that can provide useful feedback and information resources.  It’s a powerful tool to engage conversation, exchange ideas, receive feedback, and learn about other products, services and people.

Like most social media initiatives, consistent effort is critical to success. If you have limited social media resources, you may want to commit to building up one platform’s audience before spreading yourself too thin. For now, let’s discuss Twitter strategies. Twitter is an efficient way to publish small, bite size chunks of information about your business, your blog and web content. The short form format is actually very efficient in that it forces you to get to the point quickly. You’ve probably heard about our “digital attention span” being less than 7 seconds. It’s true and probably less than 7!

Keys to a comprehensive Twitter strategy


  1. Preview what you’re working on and ask for feedback
  2. Showcase events that you are participating in
  3. New announcements from your business
  4. Related industry news leading to your blog and why its important
  5. One liner about your philosophy for something in your industry or personally
  6. Unexpected developments. Flash news from the industry, your organization or other you find relevant to your audience
  7. Sales announcements
  8. New products and services
  9. Seek feedback on a topic
  10. Request feedback on your web site, product or service
  11. Follow people in your industry and of personal interest
  12. Respond to followers with a thanks or other note
  13. Latest updates from your blog or site
  14. Get involved in trending topics sharing your opinions
  15. Greetings to your followers on a daily basis. Think of this as a virtual good morning or evening. (If this is your personality)
  16. Share positive things about your employees or co-workers who do something to be proud of
  17. Create weekly offers, special deals, promotions
  18. Find industry analysts and engage but with courtesy and to-the-point relevancy. We are all busy!
  19. Daily insights on your products and services. This is a great way to highlight effective use of your products
  20. Pick a day of the week to have a regular feature such as Tuesday Marketing Innovation Day
  21. Help others. Share about someone else who may need things such as work, technical assistance, etc.

A word about paying for followers

Don’t! Paying for followers gives you a big looking number but these people are often fake accounts and if they are real, have little interest in you. Your goal is quality over quantity and having people who are genuinely interested in you and your business.

Avoid getting caught up in the idea that you need to have thousands of followers for success. Begin by finding people who are in your industry and others who are discussing topics of related interests. Many people will follow you back automatically and some will respond, asking you more about your business.

Try to post content on a daily basis and share things of interest. You can begin by curating content that is of interest to you and your audience, sharing a short comment in the tweet. Most importantly, don’t overdo pitching your business. That’s like someone at a party who just promotes their company and never listens to anyone else. You’ll get tired of those quickly and online, those people have lower credibility, often getting ignored.

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