Welcome, I’m Larry Taylor, the founder of Six Level and your guide through this site and how I can help you improve your small business marketing. You can read more about me and my background here.

What does Six Level do?

Our focus is to help small businesses create simpler and smarter marketing programs using technology, psychology, and marketing science. Over the years we see that small companies are facing an uphill battle to market their products and services because of complex technologies and a lack of resource to find the best for their business.  With our expertise, we believe we can help you build a marketing stack to attract, engage, and delight your target customer. What’s a marketing stack? It’s two or more products that help you communicate digitally with your audience. For example, you post on social media, send emails, sell products online, send voice or text messages, and so on, etc. These are all elements of the marketing stack that must be integrated for optimal use and efficiency.

Why Six Level?

We’ve defined six stages of a great marketing stack to achieve success.iiiiiiiiiii